what was updated


by alina 144

ourWorld shutdown yesterday to make a few changes.  If you’re a resident you’ll find the prehistoric view in your inventory.  The marketplace frame color has changed from black to green.  There is now an annoying flow bubble icon and some more games were added.  See below to check them out:

Prehistoric Background View

click to see exclusive March items

Marketplace Frame Color has Changed

Marketplace Background

New Games


New Games

Flow Bubble

Level UP!

The 2011 Dark/Light box bugs have been fixed.  You can wear any of the items without any problems.  And thank you to Xx GothAngel xX and Molly for leaving such lovely comments.  What do you guys think about the updates?  Don’t you just absolutely adore them so much that it makes you want to scream for joy inside?  Yes?  No?  Maybe so?  Leave a comment o_o’

By ALINA 144

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