We ordered some ourWorld stickers from the new Custom Decal shop.  It took 3 days to ship which is pretty fast!  And the stickers are pretty cool.  Check out the pictures below:

Custom Decal Stickers
Skye and Luna Sticker
Decal Instructions
ourWorld Sticker on my Desk
Item Money Value Gem Value
Custom Decal Stickers $13.05 375 Gems
Shipping & Handling $7.95 225 Gems
Tax % $0.00 0 Gems
Total: $20.00 600 Gems

In our opinion, the stickers are totally worth it.  They are custom stickers and the quality is pretty good.  The shipping and handling is the most expensive.  But other than that, the price is very reasonable.  The stickers are totally awesome!  And we’re having lots of fun sticking them on binders, mirrors, and foreheads of our best friends! LOL you should totally get them… if you can

By ALINA 144


This outfit is part of the Disney Princesses series! Here we have Ariel from The Little Mermaid 🙂

The Little Mermaid


The real Ariel vs ourWorld Ariel
These were the items used to make this outfit!
By ALINA 144


Facebook Code


Coin Fountain


By ALINA 144


Egg-cellent Surprise!  Click the eggs hidden around ourWorld and see what happens!

Whenever you click on an egg, you’ll be turned into a cute little bunny rabbit! Hop around and amaze your friends 😀

By ALINA 144


Do you want to help Japan? Especially in these times because of the earthquake that hit Japan ـ. Of course, if you abreast of events :]
Ooh ourworld is a great game it need to help people in Japan
So it is will add a new item in the next month it is Hachiko the Dog


of course it is very expensive but We are need to help japan

that is all ^_~

By ALINA 144

tinker bell outfit

This outfit is part of the Disney Princesses series! Here we have Tinkerbell from Peter Pan 🙂

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
Real Tinkerbell VS ourWorld Tinkerbell
outfit by alina 144
By ALINA 144