ourWorld has designed an awesome outfits specially for the New year! These outfits/items arecoming out on 12nd of December!

Flurry Festive Hat – Males

Flurry Festive Hat – Females

Flurry Festive Vest – Males

Flurry Festive Gown/Dress – Females

Festive Floral Shirt – Males

Festive Floral Vest – Females

Festive Floral Gown/Dress – Females

Elegant Knot Jacket – Males

Elegant Knot Gown/Dress – Females

Dramatic Demask Shirt – Males

Dramatic Demask Vest – Males

Dramatic Demask Gown/Dress – Females

Chill Morning Shirt – Males

Chill Morning Vest – Males

Chill Morning Vest – Females

Chill Morning Gown/Dress – Females


By ALINA 144

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