Absolute Zero Mystery Box

Nothing but Absolute Zero, absolutely the coolest, will do for your Condo.

New Year’s Fashion

Elevated Designs has bright new styles to ring in the New Year right.

Check the items/outfits out here!

Trade View!

See only Trades, only For Sale, or both in the Marketplace.

Winter Snaps!

Capture the wonder of snowy landscapes . . . with you in the picture!

New Snaps Backgrounds.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday bells will be ringing when you sign in for your free gift today!

Log in on 25th of December to get your free gift from Santa! ;]

We Speak Romanian!

Enjoy all the fun of ourWorld in your own Romanian language.

ourWorld in Romanian!

New game – Crash The Robot!

Push the button to watch the robot destroy himself!

New game – Blindy

Help Blindy find the cheese!


Pick a Fight!

Wanna take on a Crew?  Cruise the Board and go for it!

Try a fight with your crew at “Crew battles!”.

Choose Your Battles!

In Planck’s Pass YOU decide which game to play!

Choose which way you want to battle/fight with.. Ricochet, Artillery or Array.

Who’s That Girl?

Check out Lexia in the Hub.  She’ll send you quests galore . . . what are you waiting for?!

A New NPC at the Hub called “Lexia” will be out at downWorld for more quests!

By ALINA 144

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