New Inventory Updates

Streamlined Inventory

We’ve shuffled things around to make your Inventory simpler and easier to sort and look through.

New Toolbar!

Get the New Toolbar

Still got the old one?  Update with the Conduit toolbar to continue to receive FREE GEMS.

Jan. 2012 Monthly Items!

Calling Space Rangers!

Blast into a brave new future in style with January 2012′s all-new Space Ranger Set.

Jan. 2012 Residents Item [Space Hatch]!

Jan. ’12 Space Hatch

Put on your spacesuit and step out into the unknown – only you choose where it leads.  Residents only in January.

Wishing Star!

Wish you may and wish you might – for all sorts of Flow from this Wishing Star.  But only for a limited time!

Get it before 15th Jan!

Gems using Facebook Credits!

Play on Facebook, Get Gems

Find tons of easy offers on Facebook to earn Credits that you can use for Gems!

New Music!

New Tunes!

Rock with your friends to the new music in Buzz and Flo’s Diner.

New Games!

downWorld Codex!

Delve deeper into downLore the more you encounter in downWorld!

It’s just as like an information database for your character!

downWorld Clothing

downWorld Armors New Colors!

Serious Colors!

You’ll be ready to get down to business in these seriously intimidating new colors.

downWorld Battle Prep Automatch!

Automatch Battles!

Looking for a worthy opponent?  Click “Automatch” to find one now!

Have Fun with the new updates!

                                                         THANKS TO A DEAR FRIEND Technologist
By ALINA 144

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