Flow Cheats

Prize Wheel Cheat


Step 1: Get some flow!
Step 2: The Prize Wheel
Step 3: Press ALT + SHIFT + SPIN

Click Go!

Shift Key


Alt Key

Step 4: [x] out now.  It will keep spinning!  O.O
Fun Fact: Luna and Skye love Penguins.  It’s true.

Max Flow Guide

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Maximum (Personal) Flow Boost: 640% Maximum Flow Boost Allowed: 900%

Some of the items below may be interchanged with other items.  For example, Nettle the Nightshade Leaf Spirit can be replaced with Yoreck the Yeti.  However, these items cannot be stacked.

Max (Personal) Flow: 640%

Maximum (Group) Flow Boost: 1390%

The max group boosters are:

–Bejeweled Sapphire Headpiece (100%)
–Bejeweled Sapphire Brooch (50%)
–Booster Z Cuffs (100%)

You can have up to 3 people grouped at once which means you can gain an extra 250% flow per each person (3 x 250 = 750).

Additionally, 750% to your 640% maximum boost would mean that you’d  get 1390% Boost!

Now that’s a lot of flow!

Flow boost determines how fast you gain flow – See chart:

ourWorld only allows us to gain 900% flow boost!!!!



0% Normal Rate
100% 2x Normal Rate
200% 3x Normal Rate
300% 4x Normal Rate
400% 5x Normal Rate
500% 6x Normal Rate
600% 7x Normal Rate
700% 8x Normal Rate
800% 9x Normal Rate
900% 10x Normal Rate

***It is possible to gain an even greater flow boost with the EARS/HORN GLITCHES***

Long Live The Spoon!


Flow Cheat

This cheat can give you up to 70 flow,

but can only be used once a day.

type test-mode 42

Type in “test-mode 42”

hit enter

now type cryptobiologist


Then type in “cryptobiologist”

hit enter again

You can use it once a day & get 3 more flow each day. The first time you try it you get 10 flow.

The second time – 13.   The max is  70 flow!


This is the original cheat in ourWorld.

Fishdom game trick for flowPosted BY ALINA 144

I got taught this trick by one of my friends and I use it quite often to gain flow quicker. What you have to do is go on to games, then matching games and then click on Fishdom. You start playing the game normally but when you get to your flow gainer circle thing halfway round the circle you pause the game. This might seem odd but it works.

girlsworld: play fishdom for flow in ourworld

Posted BY ALINA 144


swoopa cheatPosted on December 27, 2010 by hajraisthebest This is a pretty easy cheat.

stepone: Go the “Pier” on ourWorld. Click on “Dougbot

steptwo: Scroll around on his challenges, and look for the challgen entitled “Swoopa” and accept the challenge

stepthree: Follow the “dougbot” icon to redirect you to the game.

stepfour: Instead of pressing play, click on button entitled “bonus game”

stepfive: It asks for a password? Type in “unsealed” ourWorld thinks you finished the game so it redirects you to dougbot where you can get your free flow ^^


`You can do this cheat for all of the “swoopa” challenges

` You also get 3badges and a t-shirt! Lucky


Edit : use ur mouse one RED words to read more ^^

Hello every body .. =)

i know u bored from the last post :S ..

i was have problems with my computer .. its stills need Format -.- .. it will be like that for a week or a month .. maybe a Year xD .. cuz my Brother know how to fix it and he  Busy :\ .. yea its boring life

anyway .. i wanna told u about Good Glitch =) .. Use Dance Off .. To save some gems  OR Have AWESOME Glow .. cuz All ppl can use JUST 3 .. but after dancing u will find HUGE glow ;D ..

Chick this /

if u will dance off OFC u need a friend .. i choose some one who always mail me at OW ^^ .. my friend .. ❤

before dancing ur glow guys will be like This /

before dancing =)

Dancing …. /

Loading xD

AND NOOOW .. after dancing ur glow will be like this /

if u was have 2 Kindz  it will be like this /

not really huge .. look like u used 3 rigth ?

3 Kindz of glow will be like this /

Huge one .. i think my eyes hurting me :P

NOTE : i used RED , PINK and WHITE .. Try this with ur OWN colors ^* .. Give me the credit if u need copy 😀 ..


How to get the secret blue cow decal!

1. View your friend’s list and search for derrick.
2. Go to derrick’s Condo. Click on him. He’ll say:

3. Now let’s visit Wonderland.
4. Ring the bell. Blue should come running, wow!

5. Go back to Derrick’s Condo.
6. He’ll give you the Decal for finding him. Aw, how sweet

Secret Throwable: Cupid’s Bow!

Step 1)  Go to your friend’s list and search:

Step 2) Go to his condo

Step 3) Buy Love Potion for 5 gems

Emo Edwin is such a romantic at heart

Step 4) Throw the potion at Edwin and he’ll weep:

Collette is in her condo, cheating on Edwin. Not.

Step 5) Now go to Collette’s Condo

Step 6) Give Collette the letter.  Watch the drama unfold, lol:

There is an RIP Tombstone on the letter. Edwin is a psycho.

Step 7) Go back to Edwin’s Condo

Step 8) Give Edwin the heartbreaking letter

Step 9) He’ll reply with an emo response and give you Cupid’s Bow!

5 Gems for Cupid’s Bow?! Fiiiineee

Moral of the story: Edwin is obsessive and perhaps suicidal o_o

If you look closely, you’ll see Edwin written under the letters RIP
Found in Nevermore!!!!  Edwin must be a zombeh o_o

How to get the Secret Laser Gun!

You see your throw items?

Purchase a watergun for 5 gems!

Buy some balloons for 5 gems.

(if you don’t have 5 gems then wait for a new gem code)

Now, throw it at Doug Bot and watch him malfunction!

Mwuahahah <– Evil Laugh

Search your friend’s list for Otto –

Search for Otto

Let’s take a visit to his condo.  Otto should be there.

Let’s pay Otto a visit, shall we?

Otto give us a motherboard, omg!  O.O

Extra Option

Wow!  This should be able to fix doug bot.  No doubt


Neat-o!  You get the secret item now.  Now shoot dougbot!!! >:)

DougBot gets shot!


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